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Concrete Masonry Resources Specs

Concrete Masonry Resources Specs. Units Store Concrete Masonry
Ground-face (burnished) concrete masonry units. Shot-blast surface concrete masonry units.

MASONRY MADNESS™ Day showcases world-class bricklayers, blocklayers, mason tenders and apprentices from around the …Concrete Masonry Unit 3 Part Spec – Masonry Specs

Concrete Masonry Resources Specs. Units Store Concrete Masonry

Specialty features concrete masonry units. Colored mortar samples showing full extent of colors available. Colored masonry mortar samples for each color required. Store and handle materials to prevent their deterioration or damage due to moisture, freezing, contaminants, corrosion or other causes. Store cementitious materials off the ground, under cover, and in a dry location. Store and protect aggregates where grading and other required characteristics can be maintained. Substitutions of concrete masonry units that include carbon dioxide mineralization are not permitted. Septa shall face away from slots when installed.

Division 04

Admixture shall leave the finished surfaces water repellent and shall not alter the natural texture or color of the masonry units or mortar.

Reinforcing Structural Load Bearing Masonry Walls!

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