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Columbus. Quality
Brick work done professionally and hassle free; our professionals will provide you with quality repair or replacement that is needed. They were timely and very professional. He even offered to take care of the job on a weekend. Through high productivity standards and the dedication of the employees, the business has grown into one of the top mason contracting businesses in the nation.

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Uniquely, we use only lime based mortars. We are charged with being good and responsible stewards of out historic architecture. We have the experience needed to deliver high-quality & long lasting results. We always take pride in our work and want to help you with your improvements. Family Owned and operated masonry supply store that manufactures concrete block and …Masonry Jobs Employment in Dublin OH – Columbus Masonry

Columbus. Quality

Yoursatisfaction is our top priority. Choice’s masonry contractors, you can expect high quality results that will look beautiful and withstand years of use and exposure to the elements. Choice to ensure that your egress window functions properly and is installed according to code. We specialize in additions and remodels of all sizes. How can we help you with your project? He even offered to take care of the job on a weekend. The patio is slanting towards the house and the sitting stone wall is leaning. Dimensions approximately 4′ wide, 10′ long, 4′ high. Remove existing block and soil to provide adequate gravel back fill. Will also need stairs from sunroom to patio built. Masonary sub contractor who built the left before finishing installing the pockets so we can add the steel roof package. He made numerous suggestions as to the best way to approach our project, as well as helping to guide us regarding what type of materials would best serve our purpose.

Although he is a little young, he has quite a bit of experience and knowledge in numerous areas. Our faith in his skills indeed paid off. Philip worked with us throughout the entire project to make sure that we were informed about what, why, and how he was doing things.

Philip knew what he was doing, he knew how to do it, and took great care each step of the way. He even went with us to purchase the supplies and helped us figure out what we needed. We also offer consultation in all construction to give you a piece of mind. I didn’t have to buy all new material again. That’s not to mention the quality of his work which was outstanding!

The work included basement work, backyard decking, and sub- flooring. He surmised the original damage to the stoop was due to it having no slope and was very knowledgeable of masonry projects. We assumed some wood on the trim needed to be replaced, but upon closer inspection the wood was fine.

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