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Colored Concrete Units Standard Masonry Colors

However sealing and waterproofing your building is still essential. We’re here to help determine the best block style and color options for your next project. Color makes a major impact on the overall tone of the building, so consider what you want your façade to say to anyone who sees it.

Choose colors that are not only appealing individually, but that also look good together to create a pleasing look for your project. Keeping with the style of the building based on color creates an overall cohesive look. If properly dispersed throughout the wall these variations can enhance rather than detract from the appearance of a project. Masolite cannot guarantee an exact match from subsequent production runs. The color and surface texture of these lintels can accent or duplicate the surrounding masonry.

Standard Masonry Unit Colors

Using Behr DeckOver Valise colored paint. Taken after coating about 3/4 of the wall with a 1″ roller. Comparison of the original …Tileco Inc – Colored Concrete Masonry Units

Colored Concrete Units Standard Masonry Colors. Texture Colors

The surface of the split face unit is fairly consistent with each unit having a somewhat unique appearance. Does it show your business is modern and forward-thinking?

You don’t want too many different textures going on, as that gets distracting and takes away from the beauty of the building. The same idea applies when selecting finishes for your construction project. A poor match can make the entire project look uncoordinated and unprofessional. We have several color options that create a professional and visually stunning finished product. It is important to note that minor variations in tone and texture are inherent in all masonry products. Enhance any construction project with our vast selection of masonry units. View our online technical information. Blocks are manufactured by grinding the top surface off of a precision block face to reveal the aggregate matrix within the block.

Blocks reveal the natural beauty of their multi-colored interior aggregates to create a finish similar to polished stone at a substantially reduced cost. We encourage you to browse the concrete masonry units below for product specifications, colors, and available sizes. Standard gray concrete block is so ordinary, builders hide them in basements, under coats of paint and where the neighbors can’t see them.

Terrazzo is an option if you prefer a polished look. Other products give you different looks and textures. It keeps the entire area looking cohesive and professional instead of choppy and disconnected. Consider the size of the lot when selecting your colors. As you look around the lot, consider other elements, such as the parking lot and walkways. The landscaping around the building is also a factor. Check with the property owner or the association that controls the district before making any decisions to ensure your color choices meet the requirements.

Or you might pull out an accent color from the main stone to choose the architectural stone. It is often difficult to imagine how an entire building or project would look in a particular color or finish when you look at a small sample.

Request a sample of the stone you are considering to see how it will actually look against the other materials in your project. The glazed facings are molded in individual molds, ensuring dimensional uniformity regardless of minor variations in the block.

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