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ChimneySaver Water Repellent

Acrylic sealers in either water or solvent based. Penetrating moisture can deteriorate the brick making it brittle. If you have questions for best sealer for brick walls, we want to hear from you!

This flashing goes around openings such as windows and doors.  This flashing also goes a distance up the wall of the building, behind the brick. 

ChimneySaver Water Base Water Repellent

They actually penetrate into the substrate of brick or masonry.  This is an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous brick sealer that protects your building, sidewalk, patio or driveway from water leaks.  The original appearance and texture of the brick will remain. All advice is free of charge and with no obligations.
Superior to anything available in stores which sell film-forming sealers that will break down, peel, discolor, and most have to be reapplied annually. Application of a water repellent does not negate proper brick construction and detailing procedures.

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