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At an estimation of channel condition and chimney suitability it is necessary to consider as worrying signals the following facts:

  • Presence of several nonlevel sites of a chimney
  • Existence of a site with a angle from a vertical more than 45 °
  • Squeezed out in a channel a mortar (for designs from a brick)
  • Concrete fragments of plates of interfloor overlapping or metal armature
  • Insufficient isolation of building combustible materials from internal walls of the channel
  • Suspicions on partial absence of tightness of a chimney
  • Presence of certain communication units in dangerous closeness to a chimney
  • Doubtful waterproofing a chimney.

Some aspects of chimney construction and restoration.

Generally damages of a chimney happen more often in under roof parts. Repair carry out qualitative and reinforced concrete.

At formation of cracks in a chimney built inside of premises the smoke can get out. In these cases a brick lying should be dismantling and laid again.

In some cases, when it is very labor-consuming process, it is more suitable to make a new chimney than restoring it.

It is cut in a wall the thickness not less than 1 foot or attach to a wall that is much easier, especially with using chimney inserts sections which attach to a steel strips and lay with a brick around or wrap up a grid and stucco.

If you have a questions connected with a choosing design, installation, operation of followings:

  • Brick fireplace
  • Oven fireplace
  • Masonry barbecue
  • Russian furnace
  • Stone furnace
  • Heating cooking furnace
  • Any other custom furnace or an oven
  • And of course, to supply desirable object with a proper chimney
  • Find out our restoration prices, estimate for brand new chimney building, feel free to contact us. We will try to answer all questions to help you.

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