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First and foremost, start by doing your homework and make sure they are certified. Certified chimney sweeps gain their knowledge through hours and hours of rigorous studying and testing. They also need be retested every three years to maintain their certification. May and it was a black and white photo of their wedding. I was scheduled for today 1/5/16 between the hrs of 10am-2pm. It is important to take care of such damage to prevent further water damage or vermin infestation. How do you choose the right chimney sweep?

Preventive maintenance is always more cost effective than repairs that could have been avoided. The second is what type of heating system you have. As a family-owned business, we stand behind every service performed under our name. Lint can buildup in your dryer vents, causing your dryer to work less efficiently and increasing the chance of a potentially disastrous dryer fire. We look forward to hearing from you! I wanted to extend my thanks to the man that estimated the job and the crew who did the work. When you get a minute, please check your chimneys and make sure they have a cap on them. We can then install one of our stainless steel caps for your protection. We take precise measurements of the chase to be sure of a proper fit. We can reline, rebuild and/or restore all types of chimneys. Perhaps your brick chimney is crumbling and unsafe. Possibly you just need some slight restoration.

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Or perhaps you need work done on the inside of your fireplace. Most people think cleaning their dryer’s lint screen is enough to keep their dryer running efficiently and safely. I have been billed by groupon for services never received. I was scheduled for today 1/5/16 between the hrs of 10am-2pm. I store wood since it was not as noticeable). After using the fireplace several times, a big crack developed in the back fireproof wall. Certified “magnanimously” offered to replace it. Once they show up, they do good work. I had to tap on the 1 star since it doesn’t let you post a review for zero. Certified agreed to replace it (an obvious fire hazard) but said the manufacturers would not do it under warranty. They destroyed an old and beautiful viburnam bush in my yard, pulled the old firebox across my marble hearth and slate floor leaving gashes, and chipped paint off of the wall near the fireplace.

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