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Century Elmvale The Churches County Clare

Century Elmvale The Churches County Clare. Window
Small “priest’s dwelling,” 19 feet by 16 feet, lies to the north. The west door has a lintel and inclined jambs; the south window is rudely built, with a semicircular head of one block. Handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency. We also provide free estimates and product samples upon request. For example, if the current year is 2008 and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year 2002 are available.

The east gable and fragments of the side wall remain. We invite you to be inspired by our showroom where you can view many brick, stone, paver and retaining wall options in person. Parkers probably built the house as a showplace, but to be sold.

The east window has two ogee heads (shaft gone), and a neat angular head to the splay. It is now quite levelled, only the late jamb stones of an inclined door with hollow fluting at the angles, and a monk’s head at the top remain.

The south wall forms one line from the east gable to a projection to the west of the nave door. One of the west windows has also been made of carved fragments from at least three other windows. The whole west end of the nave is late and embodies moulded blocks of the older church. Gothic lights, chamfered and recessed, probably of the thirteenth century. The door is perfect with a semicircular head. In the field to the east of the ruins stands the beautiful high cross, probably of the late twelfth century. A double bullaun, extant in 1839, is not now discoverable. Only the west gable with a late pointed door is standing. The west gable and priest’s house are levelled. A side building, 19 feet 6 inches by 16 feet 3 inches projects from the south-west angle. The sills of two early windows are set in the south wall of the nave.

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Century Masonry Elmvale
The second forms the sill of a late fifteenth-century window. The east and west gables are levelled. Keane says that the stump of a round tower was demolished in 1838. The east window has a round-headed light. The south door is pointed and defaced. So many neighbors have asked me about the product. Not only are the products top quality but the pricing is much better than those big box stores and the service was exceptional!

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