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Brickwork Patterns

Brickwork patterns are one of our specialties. We are specializing in designing the perfect patterns that will be the best compliment to your exclusive taste. Brick patterns available in a wide range of eye-catching finishes including: • Herringbone • Basket… Continue reading

Bricks Repointing

Bricks repointing is most essential part of masonry restoration and involves the mortar replacing from joint parts all around bricks to present a more attractive overall look in addition to protecting against water damage, mold growing and water seeping in… Continue reading

Stone Windows Installation

Stone windows installations draw the attention and let to get rid of monotonous house windows once and for all with adding of stylish creative element. Stone provides the glorious touching which allows to give your project individuality and helps to… Continue reading

LatWorks Service Introduction

The LatWorks is full-line masonry, brickwork & stone contractor. We more...