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Building Materials – Stone Or Brick?

Historically houses were built from popular materials such as a stone or/and brick. It was the basic building materials. The brick was cheaper and is accessible everywhere. Its fire resistance was one more reason of a wide spread of a brick. The brick becomes the basic building material since the end of the 17 century.

The stone was more expensive and prestigious. If in some regions a stone was not extracted, it became practically so-called “ashlars” – the equal, smoothly ground blocks (as original brick made from a stone). Such blocks at a lying very densely adjoin to each other. Using of such stone for house facing was a cheaper alternative for house which entirely was built from stone.

Color of a stone was differed depending on regions. So, Portland stone was grey, and inBath – sand color.

The architecture which was based on classic traditions was demanded a stone use if only it was possible. Even if it wasn’t possible – it was desirable to achieve at least visibility of a stone. Hence stucco was used, especially in days of Renaissance.

At that time the brick began to associate with cheap habitation and industrial constructions, and should be accordingly disguised.

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