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Brickwork Patterns

Brickwork patterns are one of our specialties. We are specializing in designing the perfect patterns that will be the best compliment to your exclusive taste.

Brick patterns available in a wide range of eye-catching finishes including:

• Herringbone
• Basket weave
• Flemish Bond
• English Bond
• Dutch Bond
• Monk bond
• Soldier brick
• Pin Wheel Bond
• Bearded windows and the list go on and on.

Brick can be laid in almost any pattern you can imagine. Running bond or common bond the most widely used.

Ledges, projected brick, recessed brick and use of multiple materials can set your project apart from any other.

Accent bands of brick laid vertically or at an angle may create visual lines and focal points.

We can create a traditional Early American look for your masonry project or an Old English style home.

Would you like a new and original brickwork pattern? How about a sleek eye catching modern brick pattern to fit your style? Brick patterns are unlimited.

We can bring a perfect brick project designed exclusively to your taste.

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