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Brick Cleaner Bolton Imperial Stone

Brick Cleaner Bolton Imperial Stone. Natural
Will not alter or remove color from natural or fabricated stone. To use this powerful cleaner, simply spray the affected area and watch the black marks that appear on fireplaces with normal use disappear. You want have to scrub or use abrasive cleaning tools to get rid of the unsightly stains that you want to remove from your fireplace.

Always test any proposed cleaning method on a small, unobtrusive area and examine after a week before tackling the job as incorrect cleaning can cause permanent damage.

Check other stores to see availability. Will not alter or remove colour from natural or fabricated stone. For rough textured or highly porous surfaces, use a brush with flexible bristles. Specially formulated non-abrasive cream. Seals & protects for easier cleaning.

Bolton Imperial Stone

I this video I show how a union mason cleaned a brick building using acid. I am not a fan of using acid but it is how I understand …

Imperial® Glass and Masonry Cleaner – Imperial Brick Masonry Cleaner

Brick Cleaner Bolton Imperial Stone. Natural

Bricks are laid in courses and numerous patterns known as bonds, collectively known as brickwork, and may be laid in various kinds of mortar to hold the bricks together to make a durable structure.

Will not alter or remove colour from natural or fabricated stone. The risks are greatly reduced with this type of solution, and it can be effective on all but the most severe of stains. Identify the type of stain or deposit before undertaking any cleaning operation. Unsightly staining often occurs when bricks are laid incorrectly. Case values are taken from our manufacturer data and may change without notice.

How To Clean Brick With Acid

Watch the full episode: Ask This Old House mason

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