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Borja Unique Masonry Llc

Borja Unique Masonry Llc. Estimate

Fail-safe in case origin is not present in set. Heelys are ideal for everyone!

The surface of the table is made from reclaimed wood and each piece will have a uniqueness that will make your table truly one of a kind. Told me when they would perform the work and came on time. Crew were also good workers and considerate about cleaning up. However, that estimate could have been written on a 3×5 card because it lacked detail and really didn’t seem serious. It would be roughly 115′ linear feet of a 5′ high retaining wall. Asael had some fantastic ideas including having the landings of the steps as 1.5 inch flagstone. It let me know every charge (materials and labor).

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Borja Unique Masonry Llc
While the total estimate was just a bit less than the other estimate, it was the level of detail on the estimate that earned them the work. I have all the respect in the world for them.

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