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Block Wall Software Cantilever Restrained Retaining Design

We fix the stem at the footing base and pin it at the top for the stem wall. We also suggest you check a cantilever condition of all restrained walls, since the wall may be backfilled early by the contractor. The software is not proprietary and does not contain any product manufacturer’s specific data. These modules are not the inflexible spreadsheet type software you see elsewhere. The reinforcing steel may be specified and customized using multiple options. Resistances may consist of base friction and cohesion, passive earth pressure, other structures or a shear key. View” to see the color blend in renderings of three different typical building applications.

This tutorial shows how to design a retaining wall, input the water conditions or a surcharge and analyze the resulting wall. GEO5 …Canada Masonry Design Centre Software – Masonry Block Wall Design Software

Rest pressures do not apply if “we don’t want” movements. Do you mind using an older style interface or are you looking for interactive modern software program? The system consists of dry-cast concrete units that are placed without mortar (dry stacked) and rely on their unit to unit interface and mass to resist overturning and sliding.

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This is not meant to be a final authority as each project has its own set of unique situations. At no time does the contractor or local building official have the authority to override the approved plans and specifications provided from the local engineer of record.

Engineer should determine if as-built documents will be required at the end of the project. If so, provisions should be set in place to document changes during construction. Local codes and municipalities will have minimum height requirements set for walls that require engineering. Humans have been piling stone atop stone, block on top of block, and brick on brick for thousands of years. More durable than wood, these systems are popular with landscape architects and engineers. Sometimes movement of the wall is restrained at the top, as in a basement. It analyses the stability of the wall based on the loads and resistances, and results in bearing pressure, sliding, overturning and rotational stabilities. The cohesive shear strength parameter (c), for the reinforced fill, is ignored for internal and external stability analysis. Proposed locations of structures, roadways and other surcharges. Magnitude of load will range depending on condition. Much independent testing has been performed on the mass as a whole and on the individual parts of the system. To provide best quality units for construction reasons, a height tolerance between adjacent units should not exceed 0.125 inches (3mm) for walls over 10 feet (3.0 m) in height.

Where runoff may flow over or on to the wall, provide a collection basin and either pipe the water around the wall or provide an extended shoot where the saline water does not flow down the wall.

Exposure to de-icing salts is likely or expected. Language can be placed in the project specifications requiring a pre-construction meeting. Contractor training and certification requirements. Expected water conditions above and below grade. User can decide the sliding surface between wall back and active earth pressure, make your analysis results fit in with reality. Force diagrams for normal and earthquake are displayed on graphic device. Plan view of the wall that will actually represent the “real” footprint of the wall. Types – base and stem configurations can be specified to produce a wide range of shapes including walls which are propped and have keys or sloping bases, splays and battered faces.

Reinforced earth with geosynthetics acc. Multiple support types available. Great for engineers, consultants, and contractors. Geotechnical capacity calculations for ground anchors. Cofferdam walls and bin type walls with different assumptions. Wall friction is considered in the calculations. Water table and water surface profile. Cross section printing on a variety of printers and plotters.

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