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Here’s how prevailing wage works, how labor’s been so influential and why prevailing wage is so important in the housing debate. The laying of carpet and construction cleanup is also covered.

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The federal government constructs buildings, builds dams, and funds housing projects. Ryan possesses vast experience in all areas of field inspection, and is a leading expert on all aspects of structural steel construction and nondestructive testing.

Prevailing wage is an average of all wage rates paid. Prevailing wage protects local small businesses. It is the fact that the projects within non-unions’ areas does not have prevailing wage. State level rates are calculated using various methods including an average of all wage rates paid, the mode, or based on collectively bargained rates. In practice, a construction project will have most of the same workers on the job whether it is a “prevailing wage” job or not.

Metcalf replied that he supported prevailing wage just as the governor did. Right now, prevailing wage only applies to housing projects that receive public dollars. Here again you are assuming that there are no local union contractors. The contractor himself may or may not be local but he is going to employ local union employees to do the work. Do you seriously think your local small employers, the “mom and pop” builders could handle a project like a school or bridge?

I am really disappointed by the people who are supporting this change in absence of knowledge of the truth. I did a large prevailing project under this audit period. Assume prevailing wage is due if the construction project involves a courthouse, highway, library, or prison. Unless a city is a charter city, work done for a city is a public works contract. However, most contractors and workers believe prevailing rates are far higher than would be earned on non-prevailing wage contracts. Rates are based upon the craft worked. Again, contractors must be warned to avoid this temptation in the midst of an increasingly unprofitable contract they do not wish to pull out of and breach, but wish they could.

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, the author of this article has seen considerable prevailing wage abuses amongst employers of 20-200 employees. It may also mean an inability to continue on with their existing business which primarily involves prevailing wage work. Because prevailing rates are so high, and the violatory practice is likely to have affected all of the employees on the public works contract the damages for prevailing wage lawsuits can be devastating.

General laborers should not be billed as if they were a higher paid specialty craft such as a plumber when they did not perform that type of work.

Your question may be redundantly simple for an employment lawyer, but for me, it wades a little to far into the thickets.

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Block Masonry Southern California Prevailing Wage
The essential key is the wage determination, which overrides state law on public works projects for covered work. Myself and other apprentices work side by side with them and use all of the “tools of the trade” and perform the same duties just at a somewhat limited pace.

I need it, but they stand by the fact they have never been forced to do so in their 35 year existence.

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