Blade For Chop Saw Miter Cut Bricks. Tile Diamond Cutting Blade
Hate it when we gotta repair, replace or cut the stuff. View our selection of premium tile saw blades. I have an older portable 12 inch table saw available, but i didnt want to throw all that dust into the table saw when i could walk away from the miter saw if it didnt last past the project.

While it is possible in theory to use a diamond blade in a chop saw to cut through the entire thickness of a paver, this is a very noisy, very messy, and somewhat dangerous job.

A quick look at how the harbor freight chop saw cuts pavers with their 14″ diamond blade.Evolution® 7 1 4″ Turbo Rim Diamond Saw Blade for – Masonry Blade For Chop Saw

Blade For Chop Saw Miter Cut Bricks. Tile Diamond Cutting Blade

But is it ok to cut bricks with this saw? You say you are not experienced in brick cutting?

Go to your local hire shop and hire a masonry saw bench. Proobably because it cost more than £100 to manufacture something that is safe to use for that job. It’s not pretty and it’s not good practice. Always use the appropriate blade for each type of material. Many abrasive blades can also cut metal and steel. Most of the battle can be won by simply selecting the right tools. Water not only helps cool and lubricate the blade but also keeps the dust down. If a diamond blade stops cutting, it may mean you’re cutting a material that’s too soft. Laser-welded products deliver exceptional speed of cut and long life. Norton line will stand up to the toughest job. View our wide selection of premium high-speed saw blades. View our wide selection of masonry saw blades. View our wide selection of premium walk-behind saw blades. I really need to be able to cut a bunch of brick (probably 1000 brick, some with cuts on both ends) and i cannot see getting very far with a cheap diamond blade in the miter saw.

Also, preferred blades for the miter or table would be helpful. Water lubes and cools the blade for longer life. Oh yeah, a tile saw is different than a brick saw. I also used this blade to cut a fair bit of granite.

For instance, will you be wet cutting or dry cutting?

Likewise, use a dry-cutting blade for dry (often indoor) tasks only. The sawing was done dry, the chop saw still operates, and the blade still cuts. A little slow but it worked fine and the saw is still working. That saw is really for cutting tiles, so it’s not surprising that it would be a bit slow. I believe a cast paver is more dense than a brick, so it seems to me that my cutting project was even more of a task than sawing a thousand bricks.

I had it lying around from some tilework. The cut speed was good enough for me. I did use for cutting cement slab. This diamond rim masonry blade makes fast work of cutting bricks or concrete blocks. I am well pleased with this product. It is initially fast-cutting but has a short life span. Quality made to provide fast, safe, dependable service.

Miter saw to cut bricks

Evolution Rage Chop Saw Cut With A Diamond Blade!

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