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Bbb Greystone. Services Patio Crew
Your crew worked clean, was incredibly friendly, and matched the color of our existing mortar perfectly. We are more than pleased and feel far more confident going in to the harsh winter weather with a chimney in good repair. Atlantau2019s residences and businesses. Explore the services that we offer and realize all we can do for you!

Because of walkway dipped over time, stoop was really high. Ed fit us in for an emergency quote the next day. They came back to fix this a week or so later, but left huge holes in the ground where the pipe openings were placed in the middle of the walkway.

Once we agreed there was a mistake they said they would schedule someone which they did but showed up 2 days earlier without me knowing.

We can handle jobs from driveways and sidewalks to cultured wall stone and patios.

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Bbb Greystone. Services Patio Crew

I will happily refer you to my clients and coworkers!

Quick, amazing work and professional work ethic. Your crew was great and the work was impeccable. I will also happily refer you out to clients and coworkers. Greystone is the area’s leading provider of decorative concrete. The firewall and parapet wall were both crooked and the bricks were loose. They got the firewall and parapet wall up in a few days, and were even able to match the bricks of the parapet wall to the rest of the building.

We had lights installed in the steps that cascade down to the patio, with additional lighting installed underneath the seating areas. We had a walkway done, which was delayed a few weeks, but they took down the awning post and cut our gutter and left us in this condition for 2 huge storms.

We can’t imagine why since we haven’t paid the last installment yet. We have had (and still have) several rough areas on our patio that can cause injury when walking barefoot on.

It can, but doesn’t always, cover the cost of a poor job. A detailed timeline will prevent any unexpected gaps in construction, weather permitting. Measured concrete patio and calculated area as 945 sq ft. Understand proposal was an estimate and an increase of 70 sq ft is not warranted. Grout does not match original base work. Greystone used my electrical wire as a wire pull to check conduit track in pillar. Be careful of quotes and final bill. Did not have adequate time to prepare for such an event so took some time to let them know of our dissatisfaction. They did not acknowledge the error, not did they offer to rectify the situation. You can receive the help, ideas, and the patio decor you will need to make the ideal area in your house. Adding or replacing your patio can improve the beauty and functionality of your yard. Explore the services that we offer and realize all we can do for you!

It’s a brick structure, with 3 chimneys that had holes in it and every time it rained my basement was flooding. Parapet wall fix and new concrete steps. Edmar as they were clearly the most knowledgeable and the most experienced. I am so happy with their work that i want to tell the world. We are beyond pleased not only with the end result but with the professionalism of his employees. The project took longer than expected but it was so worth it!

Ed’s crew was on time, safe and took pride in their work.

Bbb Greystone Masonry
Ed and his crew are real experts in masonry. I decided to rebuild the chimney which took about 2 days. Greystone for the awesome patio. When the sealant dries, your patio is perfect. Beautiful patio talk by itself!!

Greystone’s information for their next projects. They also kept us up to date with any rain related schedule changes. This was very handy in determining the pattern and colors we wanted. Their crew is great and really know what they are doing. Request copies of the insurance certifcates for each. We have had (and still have) several rough areas on our patio that can cause injury when walking barefoot on. Greystone admits to the concrete extension under the bump-out. Backfill put in but not enough to take away more than 1 inch of height from patio vs. Greystone does not do any backfilling. We were deliberating between replacing with a deck or a concrete patio. The crew shoveled loose concrete under the bump out of our house and left it there instead of smoothing it out. You will notice, the first 3 photos are of the pattern he selected. Greystone does not caulk or seal any joints (as you can see from the attached photos of our showroom). Greystone is offering to trim and clean up the expansion strips on my patio and this resolution would be satisfactory. Expansion joints are nothing else than long pieces of foam that are placed in concrete slabs to prevent random cracking. Greystone performing any type of caulking or sealing of expansion joints. Greystone would be more than happy to provide him with a cost or he can hire an outside contractor. The owner continued to tell me that his #1 guys sent him some pictures and he believes him and it was not his problem.

I also asked him why it took him so long to get back to me and his answer was because it wasn’t his problem so he felt he didn’t have to get back to me.

While we were talking he asked to speak to my husband because he would know something about construction. Most importantly, the end result was an absolutely perfect patio. April for an estimate to add to previous work they had done. I had a proposal for a retaining wall around my front porch, a sidewalk and a 20 ft wall down my driveway. Once we agreed there was a mistake they said they would schedule someone which they did but showed up 2 days earlier without me knowing.

Greystone again this spring to work on the next phase of our backyard project. They have always been very professional and kept us in the know for the project. Greystone delivers an exceptional product. They were easy to work with, and we really loved their beautiful showroom. Greystone has experienced, skilled concrete masons. Working with concrete is a time sensitive process. I do the remodeling myself in person.

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