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Bb Kalamazoo Mi Contact Support.
The brick chimney on our 1930’s era house looks like it needs repair.

Hot/Cold Weather Masonry Featuring master mason Bryan Light, the “Brick Masonry Techniques for Builders” DVD demonstrates …The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College – Bb Masonry Kalamazoo Mi

Bb Kalamazoo Mi Contact Support.

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Bb Masonry Kalamazoo Mi
This occurs over time as small cracks develop in the mortar and bricks. If there are clay flue liners inside the chimney, those can spall and break apart as well. Another alternative would be cover the brick with another material, like house siding.

Tulikivi Valkia Installation Kalamazoo Michigan Masonry Heater Design House

Short video of a Tulikivi masonry heater installed in an existing home (basement) in Kalamazoo Michigan.

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