Asda Nitromors Purpose Paint Varni

Asda  Nitromors Purpose Paint Varni.
For fine furniture, veneers, carvings & wooden mouldings. I used it to remove varnish from a small piece of wood. Many applications and a lot of time and in the end did not do a very good job. Will try a different product next time. The non-caustic formulation is simple and easy to use both indoors and out.

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Asda Masonry Paint

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Asda  Nitromors Purpose Paint Varni.

The new double strength non-drip formula is ideal for vertical surfaces and the green colour allows you to see quickly where you have applied it. The 375ml bottle will cover up to 1m² (approx ½ door side) and it is easily applied using a brush. You can still buy industrial paint strip online without any question asked so why they had to change the recipe is beyond me. Stay clear and buy the cheaper stuff. Decided to paint my kitchen as really needed it. I could have covered your blue paint easy with 2 coats of dulux trade or any trade paints.

Please note, fitting is available from £30. Homebase store within 14 days of purchase. Sounds like a useful addition to cleaning cupboard, with vinegar, bicarb and stardrops! Also the best thing i have used so far to get my floor clean. Goes off to put reminder for sugar soap on next shopping list.

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