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Aquarius In 252 SECRET SOCIETIES Images

He gives you their agenda and their philosophy and their religion in the movie. Freemasonry showcasing the more esoteric side of the craft.

252 best SECRET SOCIETIES images on Pinterest

Something broke and we’re not sure what. We couldn’t find an accurate position. Saturn is undergoing a transformation as well. The synthesis of these qualities leads to a powerful balance in which the powers of the spirit are directed and manifested in exacting, precise ways which are as yet unheard of.

Latin for a group or division of one hundred. Freemasonry today is an elite society that goes back over ions of time. The same can be said for the birth of the solar system, and its eventual entropic collapse. Since we are in the transition now, this is going to be a very intense change for humanity and the entire world. Humanity is for the most part still dominated by an unyielding law of self-destruction that rules in all realms of being, organic as well as inorganic.

Saturn can, however, free the initiate from the laws of cause and effect. Zodiac and heavenly realm will remain in the light for another 12, 000 years. Everything in our solar system will shift to a higher frequency for this time.
The awakening is your own journey, enlightenment is about control yes. They use knowledge to help them get ahead and they use it against the rest of us by dumbing us down and keeping us ignorant to knowledge.

I am giving myself power by been aware and in charge of my own life and actions. This is so, because we are in the dark so to speak about reality and everything around us. You have to wise with the moves you make. It is only open to and known by the truly elect within a society. The sun is most directly overhead during the productive summer months.
This is just one example of their depiction in the ancient world.
Geometry — having reference to the laws of plane and solid figures. Venus, and he is put before us as the great exemplar. Moon, the occult symbol of generation. This is not the place to deal in detail with the symbolism of these seven wonders but reflection will show that they are closely linked with the symbolism of our zodiacal circle.

Zodiac is, in essence, a chart connected with the passage of the soul from its initial descent into the manifest world until its withdrawal from this cycle of experience to a higher plane.

In the former case he proceeds alive into the kingdom of the dark or, in the latter case, he descends into death. At the return threshold the transcendental powers must remain behind and the hero re-emerges from the kingdom of the dead (return, resurrection); the boon which he brings with him is an elixir for the world.

The crab does not release its victim easily and we require the help of the lion’s paw to carry us safely across the threshold.

Zodiac) we now find to be columns of banners pointing the way of return. Christian went on his way, he came to a little ascent, which was cast up on purpose, that pilgrims might see before them. By the one, a man goes to the place of no return. Jerusalem on the summit of the mount. This is the time when the dangers of rashly attempting to rush forward are equally dangerous to an attempt at retreat, for we are unable to discern any landmarks.

East, the seven chakras, and the seven planets. Yodhs, referring to the descent of the life-force from above into the conditions of corporeal existence; the 18 can be reduced to the number 9, indicating that we are still dealing with the water-man, now on the first rung of the ladder of ascent.

The figure is wearing armour, indicating that, while he is well protected, he is still encased and therefore limited in movement. The clothing of metal has been left behind, and the keys are those to the higher mysteries. The charioteer has an air of authority, showing that his dominion is a result of blending the powers of self-consciousness with those of sub-consciousness; he is fully prepared for the encounter with the “guardian of the threshold” — “that last and greatest trial. ..

Hermit stands on top of snowy heights bearing, in his right hand, the light of interlaced triangles, the light from his own personal altar of incense; his staff is held loosely in his left hand for he is no longer climbing.

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