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Adhesive Gorilla

Adhesive Gorilla. Foam Adhesive
Will stain skin and ruin clothes. Gorilla’s range of products work the first time when others may fail, and are perfect for building and repairing projects. Glue is perfect for most household projects, fixes and building repairs. The moisture provides a catalyst and allows the glue to slightly foam up as it sures. When mixed in equal volumes, resin and hardener react to produce a tough, rigid, high strength bond in 5 to 12 minutes. When working on rough, uneven surfaces, use enough adhesive to fill gaps.

What is Gorilla Glue and what are its uses

Masonry Adhesive Gorilla
Tube-remove nozzle and replace cap tightly. Once dried the product is sandable, stainable, paintable and can also take a varnish. Please note that you have to dampen the surfaces before applying. Other uses include tiles to wood and poor quality mortar. As a reviewer has wisely stated use sparingly, this being said, any excess is very easy to remove, just like foam.

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