8 Rules For Chimney Construction

1. First of all in rules of chimney construction, it is important to define at once a wall at which the fireplace will be mounted. It is good, if the chimney will be in a warm part of a building if possible, moreover and is closer to ridge of a roof. And if is not possible?
Undoubtedly, the chimney can be built in an external wall and far from the ridge of a roof, but it is necessary to consider only all negative factors inherent in such decision.

2. The chimney channel should not freeze through in a winter – an external wall of a chimney (or at separately standing design) should be thicker or have more effective thermal protection in common by the chimney located in a heated premise. Abusing of this requirement will cause variety of troubles which finally can cause full disappointment and unwillingness to use a fireplace. The smell and cold air from the idle fireplace, insufficient air draught, smoke problem and complexities at a kindling, can calm enthusiasm even the most ardent lover of a fireplace.

3. In the conditions of New York’s climate the chimney can be put in an internal wall of the house or be separately standing design as well.

4. In investigating the chimney it is impossible to disregard quality, form and a material of which its internal walls are built.

5. A surface of chimney walls should be constructed from fire-resistant and acid-proof materials; it should be smooth and vertical.

6. Considering fireplace designing first of all it is necessary to take care of a correct design and a chimney arrangement. In fireplace system it’s carries out function of lungs, being responsible for proper air circulation.

7. If a building is already constructed, it will require review of available chimney on a site. On its suitability should draw a conclusion the expert and give recommendations about compatibility of the given chimney with the chosen design of a fireplace, to point out the defects and ways of their elimination.

8. If a house is not exist yet and exist only on a plan – the task is easier: together with the architect to put up in the project a design which will be combined with the chosen fireplace, used materials and owner’s finances.

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