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12mm Bit Screwfix Masonry Drill Sizes Mm

Buy online & collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute!
Buy online & collect in hundreds of stores in as little as 1 minute!

With a wide selection of sizes available from trade brands that you know and trust, you are sure to find the perfect bit for your job.

Mexco technical/returns helpline: 0845 602 4274.
Available in a selection of shank types to suit all tools. These bits are known to get hot quickly, using a slow speed when drilling will avoid overheating.

Screwfix– Combination set of both drill and screwdriver bits. Includes bits suitable for drilling in metal, wood, plastic and masonry

Masonry Drill Bit Sizes In Mm 12mm Screwfix 2 Home

6.5 mm Masonry Drill Bits – 12mm Masonry Drill Bit Screwfix

Supplied with injection-moulded case. Titanium pilot point for 2x longer life versus black oxide. Simply insert the extractor into a pre-drilled hole in the damaged screw or bolt. Stainless steel plate: less than equal 1.2mm. Allen key, magnet holder and countersink. Ultimately, power drills are extremely flexible pieces of equipment, and they can be used on anything from tightening screws to boring holes. These can include auger drill bits, masonry, glass, tile or metal drill bits. You can also buy packs of drill bits, giving you a full set ready for a variety of purposes.  Diameters span from thinner drill bits measuring just 0.5mm for delicate work, to over 200mm. Will chomp through most tough tiles on low speed ensuring the bit is watered down, however it only lasted 2 tiles for me and was useless after that.

Makes me wonder about the build quality of this product. I only used the largest bit of the set and it made easy work of it. I drilled about 30/40 holes and the last hole went through just as easy as the first. I was drilling and taking it easy but hey, got the job done, very happy. I used the small drill on some other (normal) ceramic tiles.

Drill Masonry With An Impact Driver Hex Shank Multi Material Drill Bits

In this video I review some DeWalt Multi Material hex shank drill bits I bought from screw fix. They can be used with an impact …

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