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125mm Hole Saw

Should work with electrical drill machines, which is not included; 4. Mexco technical/returns helpline: 0845 602 4274. Our guarantee is aimed at giving you extra peace of mind.

4 inch Diamond core drill double skin cavity wall, short arbour Disclaimer Due to factors beyond the control of backstreetmechanic …Masonry Hole Saw TCT Core Drill 125mm – 125mm Masonry Hole Saw

Used for drilling walls, stones, bricks, etc. Made of high quality metal material and carbide tipped; 2. Should work with electrical drill machines, which is not included; 4. Tough construction to withstand high torques. Want to collect fromone location? Cut clean accurate holes through all building media, from light brick & block, through to the toughest steel reinforced concrete. This is the ultimate hole saw range, with excellent results for hard to cut materials. What is the warranty for the product?

Starrett Hole Saws

These pins prevent the arbor locking onto the saw blade if it jams in the work, and allow for tool-free removal. There is also a tungsten carbide tipped variety that is capable of cutting through ceramic tiles and plasterboard. For cutting clean holes in concrete, brick and aerated block. Your cost could be £0.00 instead of £17.37. Do not use with drills set in hammer action. After the expiration of a group buying, if the purchase quantity does not reach the minimum quantity requirement, the group buying fails. However, it is important to consult the hole saw’s packaging for correct operating speeds upon purchase and before use. Premium grade diamond for faster action. Not to be used on hammer action. It is possible to use it to smash the pieces of brick that are sticking out around the bit holes afterwards though, but it will literally smash the brick. Went through my internal breeze block like butter and external bricks well but obviously not as quickly.

How To Use A Diamond Core Drill

Get core’s here- How to use a diamond core drill to drill a large diameter hole through a solid wall. Brought …

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